Monday, June 6, 2011


Hullo everyone! (Notice the British accent xD) I'm excited to tell you all about the Pet-A-Palooza going on in game between the dates of June 6th, 2011 (today) and June 14th, 2011. Now, what the heck is a Pet-A-Palooza you MIGHT (and might not) be wondering. Well the Pet-A-Palooza is the exact same thing as the Mount-A-Palooza, that took place between the dates of April 8th, 2011 and April 17th, 2011, only this time it's going to be with PETS instead of MOUNTS. Here is what KingsIsle (Wizard101 company) said, quoted:

"Between June 6th 2011 and June 14th 2011, you can adopt some interesting pets!

All our pets are on sale, some up to 50% off their regular Crowns price! For this special event, we've brought back some previously retired pets and there will be new pets released throughout the month of June! 

Visit the Crown Shop to buy your pets today! 

We're also giving you a pet snack the first time you login during Pet-a-palooza! The random snack will appear in your Gift window the first time you log in to the game between June 6th and June 14th."

Ok, so KingsIsle is basically having a major crown pet sale in the crowns shop and some pets are on sale up to 50% off their regular crowns prize! PLUS the first time you log in to the game between June 6th, 2011 and June 14th, 2011 you get a random snack! I got a Moonpie which kinda sucks, but looking at it on the bright side; it was free! :)

NOTE: In the official message KingsIsle posted on their website it states that there will be NEW pets released throughout the month of June! I really can't wait! Post YOUR guesses as to what the new pets might be in the 'comments' section of my blog.

That's it from me for NOW! Sorry for not posting when I was supposed to post. Tech. Diff., ugh! Will be making a post tomorrow so keep on checking back!

~Jordan Seadreamer (a.k.a Snives) :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball

Woot! I'm so excited! Do you know why I'm excited? I'm excited because the 2nd annual Ravenwood Ball is coming up real soon! In case you were wondering what exactly the Ravenwood Ball is; the Ravenwood Ball is the event of the year that celebrates Diary of a Wizard's anniversary. The Ravenwood Ball is no small thing so make sure to bring your best ball gowns and tuxedos! This event will take place in game; Arrive at the Ravenwood Academy of Magical Arts on June 25th, 2011 at 6PM Central Standard Time - Vampire Realm, Area 1.

Not excited yet? No need to fear! This year's Ravenwood Ball also comes with a huge loot bag! The loot bag includes: 3 Epic Bundle Giftcards - Massive Fantasy Palace (MFP), 20 codes for 1,000 Crowns, Pet Pack, Mystery Prizes, Summer Dragons & 1 Death Scarab, 5 codes (sponsored by my bro, Timmy. Love ya Timmy! (hugs) Hope you're reading this), 3 Sea Turtle Mounts.

Woot! To find out how to get these uber awesome prizes check out this post by Diary of a Wizard (Fallon Shadowblade):

If you want even more information check out Fallon Shadowblade's Twitter page:!/diaryofawizard

That's it from me for today! There should be a new post on my blog tomorrow, so check back sometime tomorrow in the afternoon.

~Jordan Seadreamer (a.k.a. Snives for @JennaUnicornWiz on Twitter)